Friday, February 28, 2014

Lap Pool and Landscape Concept Plan

A lap pool and landscape concept plan that I just completed for a client in Pennsylvania. This is the first draft I came up. My client provided me with a wish list and several photos that she found inspiring. To warm the house and make it pop I am proposing some dark trim, stone veneering the fire place and adding a unique porch constructed with rustic beams, natural stone and a metal roof.
The gardens have been separated into several outdoor rooms and seating areas. Structure has been created with a weathered brick lawn border.

The lap pool doubles as a decorative water feature with a very subtle spillway at the far end.  The decorative shed at the far side of the pool hides the pool equipment and also provides some architectural interest in the garden.
The plantings are simple but very lush. The fencing picks up on the proposed trim work from the house and porch.

This has been an enjoyable design project and I hope I get to build it.

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