Sunday, May 15, 2011

Creeping Phlox in the Garden

Phlox subulata also known as Creeping Phlox is a terrific ground cover/accent  perennial.  It is considered a "semi-evergreen" retaining some greenery during the winter months.  There are several varieties available with colors ranging from white to shades of pink, red, lavender & blue in addition to a blend of colors.  In the NY & NJ area Creeping Phlox tends to bloom in late April through May.  It can be grown in part shade to sun & prefers well drained soil.  It is a terrific plant to soften those awkward hardscape transitions in a landscape such as where a wall meets a walkway or boulder.  It is very easy to grow and should be divided every few years.  The variety shown here is "Emerald Blue"  These landscape design projects are located in Warwick, New York.