Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Swimming Pool Renovation Project at a Ski Lodge Turned Vacation Home.

An old ski lodge purchased by my clients has been converted into a vacation home. One of the areas that I have been asked to redesign is the existing swimming pool area. A very large rectangular pool surrounded by concrete and a chain link fence.
I am proposing to greatly enlarge the space to take advantage of the beautiful setting and a give a feeling of spaciousness when inside to pool fencing area.
I'm using a rustic post and rail fence softened and partially hidden by sculpting the terrain as well as with plantings.
The patio is to be over sized flagstone with extra large joints that will be planted with grass. 
A pavilion with an outdoor kitchen and a small pool house with materials that match the main residence.
I'm proposing to renovate the interior of the pool adding a new step design, benches and a sun ledge so that chaise lounges can be placed in the pool.
The plantings are simple using large groupings including  Clump Birch Trees, Ornamental Grasses, Viburnum & White Hydrangea.

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